From the Front Porch of Ruby Sales: Trump and Omarosa

Read Ruby Sales' words on Donald Trump's recent comments about former White House staffer Omarosa Manigault: 

Trump called Omarosa a dog. For younger folk  let me break it down. His slander is laden with White Supremacist historical slander of Black women in a culture of White male rape and a reign of terror. Their assault against Black women extends back to captivity and enslavement in sites of terror in a strange land where we were hostages to the sexual whims of White men. Moreover, these  men were also  pedophiles who raped young Black girls. 

 To justify their perverse behavior, desires and the colonization and invasion of the lives and body territory of Black girls and women, they slandered us as whores and immoral sexual predators whose sexual appetites know no limits. 

I grew up in this culture that did not end until the Southern Freedom Movement when  Black girls and women reclaimed our lives and bodies in the Revolutionary and transcendental space of the Southern Freedom Movement. 

It was our actions in streets, jails and other private and public spaces that destabilized the rampant unchecked sexual crimes and slander of White men against us. 

In that Revolutionary moment we stood not only for ourselves but for our mothers and ancestors. We did not use a litmus test to determine which Black woman was worthy of our defense. Instead, we understood that for any White man to call a Black woman a whore was an indictment against the dignity and significance of our bodies and lives. 

So when you sit quietly and allow Trump - no matter what you think about Omarosa- to call her a dog, You give him a pass to raise up the white smear of us that your older sisters went to the mat placing our lives on the line to end this culture. 

I know aspects of hip hop culture normalized calling us out of our names. There was nothing radical or revolutionary about their slander. Rather they co joined their voices with generations of White men to render us  defenseless. They fed into the pervasive notion that Black women are whores who deserve to be raped and physically beaten.

Rev. Dr. Jacqui Lewis